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 California Earthquake Prophecy Signs

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Expected Sept/Oct 2022. The Big One

These many prophetic signs are compiled from my book Evidence Backed End Time Prophecy, but I've released this portion of the book, concerning the California Mega Earthquake, for free. The free pdf download is on the google drive platform, linked below. Just click it for the free booklet.

There are 10 predominant signs in this meme below, but over all, there are more than 50 signs to this, contained within these 10 predominate signs.

Prophecy Signs California Mega Earthquake

Based on the information in the signs and testimonies, we are expecting a tsunami from Japan in September of 2022 to sweep across the Pacific and wreck the US west coast and Hawaii as the next 2022 Shemitah fulfillment, before the big one, close to the infamous 29th of Elul.

This tsunami will serve as a God given eviction notice and warning, that weeks after this tsunami, in October of 2022, is when the mega quake is expected to ruin California. Description in the God given testimonies describe a 9.5+ collapse of the entire San Andreas fault line, close to and before the 29th of Elul.

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I know this is hard for people to receive. This is why God has backed up this California mega quake prophetic scenario with so many incredible confirming signs contained in this FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE,  of the big one.

Let's connect at the 2020sprophecy facebook group here, or if from California, at the California tsunami earthquake group here, to make each other aware of the these 2022 Shemitah events to come. God bless those who need to make plans to evacuate the big one.
Bill Weather 

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the 29th of Elul 2022 Shemitah coming the big one

 Evacuating Before the California Mega Quake

without uprooting your life

Bill Weather ,  the big one is coming

I realize for Californians or anyone for that matter that it is very hard to just uproot one’s life to escape the tsunami and mega quake coming. For this reason, I am attempting to write some ideas to think about on how one can be ready to escape California without uprooting their life so suddenly, yet be ready for when this 2022 Shemitah hits. This is to cater to the unbelief of those involved because I understand, you haven't heard from God about this California earthquake like I have or have a track record of prophecy like I have (, so this is to help you with plan B, for in your mind, the “just in case scenario" to escape the big one.

There are options to think of. For one, if you are on higher ground away from the coast, you could just simply wait for the tsunami in September as confirmation on the mega quake coming in October. In that scenario, you would have a list of items and things to pack up and leave with. Take an evening and write down everything you would take with you and fit in your vehicle. Leave behind big items such as furniture and TVs, but pack your laptops, jewelry, gold, silver, tools, inverter, camping gear and other smaller items you want to save and use.

After the September 2022 Shemitah tsunami, but before the mega quake, you would also think of transferring your money to a bank that can have on record, your savings, unlike a small local California bank. You would want a national bank or out of state bank, because local small banks in California will go belly up in the big one. Also print out hard records of your savings as well, since internet servers will be damaged or destroyed in the mega quake as well. Keep some cash with you.

If you’re near the coast and you think tsunami would put you in danger, you could decide to simply plan a vacation the first 2 weeks of September, when the tsunami is expected, close to the infamous, 29th of Elul, the Shemitah 2022 fulfillment. You’re gonna vacation. Might as well do it the first two/three weeks of September anyway, since California at that time, gets those very hot easterly fire causing desert winds at that time of year. Take a trip to Utah or a near by state for a cool refreshing retreat and recharge. If nothing should happen, no problamo. You simply took a vacation. Also, grab all small high dollar items and take them with you on your vacation.

If you have camping gear, that would help a lot to meet needs because when the tsunami hits, you wont be able to get back into those flooded areas, so consider a plan to camp out or be with out of state friends if you have them.

If you don’t know anyone from out of state, you could find stability from the shock and awe of the big one, suddenly uprooting you, in good local churches who care for people. There are some really good caring churches out there who are people focused and will help you resettle from the mega quake.

You could also google “woofers” and find a stable place to stay in exchange for doing some farming. There are some woofer places who treat people like labor, but there are others on smaller farms and individuals who would really care about your situation and don’t make visiting woofers labor so hard.

The key to your mental stability is to find a stable place and get familiar with your surroundings. If you escape, your home is probably going to be destroyed in the mega quake and your biggest need will be to find that place where you can find peace with good people and a shoulder to cry on; people who really care. They are out there, so don’t be too discouraged, knowing God does care and he has a much better life for you and I at the resurrection. Surround yourself with a good environment and good people that want to help. Believe me, when they plaster the mega quake destruction all over the TV, there are a people out there who will rise up and help each other. Don't let the big one win. The real and full life is at the resurrection.

If you’re planning to move anyway, best to do it ASAP, so you have time to sell your home and get out of there before the mega quake. Settle in another state away from the mess that’s coming to California. It will no longer be a place anyone wants to go to when this is through. The destruction is prophesied to be that great.

I hope these ideas help you to make good decisions and I hope you can at least make that plan B for the “just in case this crazy guy is right,” scenario. The prophetic signs are super strong; too strong to ignore completely, but here’s my main point. You don’t have to believe fully in the California Earthquake or make too radical of a move. Simply follow those soft steps to vacation at the right time, pack your vehicle with camping gear and take those small high dollar items you own. That’s just wisdom calling. I hope you yield to her cry to be prepared. God bless you with all wisdom in preparing for this California earthquake that's coming, to hit soon after the 2022 Shemitah tsunami.


in 2015, the entire Christian prophecy community was  on the edge of their seats because previously, in 2001 and 2008, the stock market experienced the biggest one day losses in its history on the 29th of Elul (on God's lunar Calendar) in each of those years, called the "Shemitah." Everyone was watching  with anticipation that the exact 7 year pattern would repeat, that the next 29th of Elul would mark another historic crash.  That day was September 13th, 2015.

The Shemitah is a special time on God's calendar and also marks a day (29th of Elul) in which it was the final day to settle transactions before the Sabbath year begins. God has established this 7 year cycle as a harbinger, or a sign to us.

But on September 13th, 2015, nothing happened like the last two 29th of Elul's. It was a day like any other day, so faith was lost and people began to doubt the pattern. What the last 2 exact date 29th of Elul  stock market crash events did, was give a false view of the  Shemitah. Debts could  be settled  that year before the 29th of Elul. It wasn't that everything had to happen that 29th day of Elul, but the Shemitah debt release did take place in 2015! On August 24th 2015, just weeks from the 29th of Elul, the stock market took one of its biggest one day plunges in history and over that time, wiped out 7 trillion dollars globally from markets. China's market took a whopping 40% drop.

Will the pattern repeat? The next 29th of Elul  is September 25th, 2022.  How would it work out in light of the tsunami prophecies, which as shown previously, would stir a crash approximately September of 2022?

Suppose the tsunami from Japan hits September 11th and creates tremendous wreckage along the west coast. The stock market circuit breakers are set at -7%, -13%, and -20% drops that shut it down if hit. A tsunami hitting the west coast  and wiping out much of silicon valley would definitely cause the market to crash to those levels. Facebook, Google and a ton of other tech companies would take a severe hit. Their employees wouldn't even be able to get to work for weeks or longer. Panic selling would ensue. This would fulfill the Shemitah like it's been doing for decades now.

With the very strong testimonies of the tsunami details, of it hitting weeks before the mega quake and if the mega quake is October 5th, and by the many #22 signs showing it for 2022, then the Tsunami weeks ahead would hit around early to mid September and  would just so happen to align with the 2022 Shemitah perfectly, like the pattern in the economic crash chart.

Remember all of those many #22 signs pointing to 2022, with the testimonies of  tsunami hitting in a late summer season? Are they not in an incredible synchronicity with the Shemitah? We've got a serious prophetically aligned timing to watch for with no lack of signs as evidence!

People have falsely cast off the Shemitah and forgot about it. I haven't and I know Jonathan Cahn hasn't either. His best seller, The Harbinger has brought us the light of these huge Shemitah events and the next one is forecast to hit September 2022.

Now if the Shemitah and all of those previous #22 signs weren't enough for you, there is another testament from Andrew Rogers in His book The Trump Juncture, where he lays out some absolutely incredible  synchronized numbers that coincide with the year 2022. These numbers are truly supernatural. An amazing read of his book is online by googling Countdown to 2022 Shemitah. Given his discoveries (1st), along with my many #22 signs (2nd), the Shemitah alignment (3rd), the September tsunami testimonies (4th),  the California Yom Kippur dream given (5th), and the exact date signs from 2010 (6th), all synchronizing, it is quite the evidence to watch for this prophetic scenario  and all the signs are pointing to 2022!

Now if that wasn't enough, we have another major prophetic sign (7th) given to us to watch for that Shemitah time frame in the 2 cows that were born with the number 7 on their heads. If you haven't heard of this, you're in for quite the prophetic treat.

Two cows were born born with the number 7 on their heads. Now the big significance further on this is not only do they have the number 7 on their heads, but they were both born on the same day and not just any same day, but were born on the opening day of the Shemitah year!  That was September 25th 2014! Are you awake yet?